Raffle For a Ride

Today at Russell Street School we had Raffle for a ride day.

There were all sorts of rides like a Farrari, two Porsche’s, a Lamborghini murcielago, two firetrucks, a Helipro helicopter, four Stock-cars, three olden day cars, a wheel burrow (doug’s special drive) and a few Motorbikes.

It was a really fun day because you got to hop inside the cars and things.

When the helicopter landed it was really windy and when it took off it was loud because it was really close to my classroom.

The Lamborghini was really cool and quiet. One of my class mates got to go on the radio and went in the More fm car. Her name was Abby she was really lucky because she got to take two friends.

The Stock-cars started to do donuts and then they started to go faster and faster. Then the quad bike came out and started to do donuts with them.

All the Vehicles were awesome I wish I could stay another year so I can see all those cars again.

I liked raffle for a ride because it was lots of fun and there were lots of cool cars.



Flags Of The World

Canada:The Maple leaf has long Canadian symbol the official colors of Canada is Red and White.

Malta:The flag of Malta consists of two vertical halves – the left half is white and the right half is red. In the top corner of the left side there is a gray King George Cross which is outlined in red.

IceLand:The red is for the volcanic fires, The white is for it’s snow and ice fields of the island and the blue is for the surrounding oceans.

Philippines:The Blue on the Philippines flag represents Peace and justice.


My Holidays


  1. I got more time on computer because my brothers had to study for there exams.
  2. I went to see Spy Kids 4D for Timothy’s birthday.
  3. New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup!
  4. I got a new computer game.
  5.  I went to the movies to see the Smurfs.


  1. My brother dislocated his kneecap
  2. Holidays are over!
  3. It rained lots and there was a thunder storm.
  4. The extra D on the spy kids movie didn’t work
  5. I went to Rotorua and I fell of the Luge!


  1. My brother didn’t feel a thing when he dislocated his kneecap.
  2. I got sick by the smell of Rotorua.
  3. My brother can walk on his leg.
  4. My mum went to Australia.
  5. The all Blacks almost lost to France!

Student Review

Did I achieve the goal of Getting at least one basket in every basketball game?

Yes I did achieve my goal of getting one basket in every basketball game.

Did I achieve my goal of winning every basketball game?

No I did not win every basketball game

Did I achieve the goal of winning every game of flags

No I did not achieve the goal of winning every game of flags

My highlights for this term are playing flags, Triathlon and cross country

My performance in production was really cool and I done my best and I really liked performing.

How I went with production.

I went pretty good in production my favourite bit was the rugby part it was just really cool because I love Rugby

How did I go with Time management, confidence, respect and creativity?

I went pretty good with all except time manegment

I am looking forward to next terms subject because it is rockets and cars and stuff like that.


Weekly Reflection

What: I have done  Reading, Writing, Maths, Literacy and Art.

So What: I have learnt that Some stories really don’t make sense. I have also learnt that you can make really cool things if you really focus on what your doing.

Now What: I want to focus on getting my work done and not talking to friends.